Why Seal Coating Asphalt is Important

Why Seal Coating Asphalt is Important?



Sealcoating asphalt is important because through the process of aging and weather erosion asphalt binding loses strength. This can lead to vulnerability to cracking during the colder months due to water penetration. For these reasons, it is smart to maintenance asphalt regularly.

Seal Coating strengthens the binding strength of the asphalt allowing the surface to hold up for a much longer time period. By filling in any holes, seal coating acts as a barrier to water & damaging UV light.

How this helps you: Protecting your asphalt surface and sublayer is important to you because it saves you money. It does that by preventing your surface from cracking & becoming shattered, which both require additional time, work, and money.

Applying a fresh seal coat will also trick people into thinking your asphalt parking lot or roadway is new. Bringing your aging white or gray asphalt back to a bold black color. Everyone loves a smooth surface to drive on, and it takes regular maintenance to ensure that happens.

Make sure your asphalt is living its best life by getting on a regular maintenance schedule with Hill's Blacktop & Concrete today!

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