Why Filling Cracks on Asphalt Surfaces is Important

Why Crack Filling is Important

Crack Filling Is The Most Cost Effective Way To Protect Asphalt On A Budget

Asphalt parking lots and roadways require a large capital investment, so why not take care of them?

One way to take care of asphalt is to fill any cracks that are formed over the cold months from freezing water. This will naturally occur over time since asphalt is a porous material. However, continued cracking of the surface can be minimized by filling those cracks or repairing the surface layer. This is done with a substance we refer to as crack filler. Pretty sophisticated... we know.

The crack filler acts as a sealant for cracking asphalt, by adhering to the surface of both sides of the crack & part of the vertical wall created in the crack. Crack Filler then cools down and acts as a surface sealant overtop of the area where there is not any asphalt. The long term effects of adding this crack sealant are shown in the sublayers.

Left untreated cracked asphalt surfaces will allow water into the sublayer. This will slowly deteriorate the sublayers or foundation of the structure & inevitably leading to areas failing or shattering. Shattered areas can no longer be a maintenance, they need ripped out and replaced which is a more costly route to have to take.

Keeping cost in mind with all our customers, since crack filling avoids more expensive repairs, we say that this service gets you the most bang for your buck! It won't restore the asphalt like a full seal coat would, but it definitely will help protect the foundation of your asphalt roadway or parking lot.

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  1. I noticed a big crack on my driveway, and I’m not sure what to do. It makes sense that I would want to have the crack filled! I’ll be sure to get a professional to handle that for me. It would be nice to not have to worry about the crack getting any bigger.

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